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Hi, there. I'm Rachel.
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--Rachel Salois

web developer / cactus owner

what I've been working on lately ↓

recent and in-progress projects

A dreary and drizzly destination-finder.
SKCDC Website
A Rails website and content management system for a nonprofit Regional Maine Head Start corporation.
Birthday Plaid
Built with a state of-the-art PLAIDgorithm, this JavaScript app generates exactly the right plaid for YOUR birthday.

writing samples

June 2018
Rainward documentation

February 2018
Using Heroku Scheduler to Automate Tasks for Rails 5.x Applications

January 2018
Intro to JavaScript and Web Development - slide deck

October 2017
JS Questions: How are JSON Web Tokens Used?

September 2017
JS Questions: What's the Event Loop?

August 2017
JS Questions: What is Webpack?