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Hi, there. I'm Rachel.
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--Rachel Salois

web developer / cactus owner

what I've been working on lately ↓

recent and in-progress web projects


SKCDC Website

  • A Rails website and content management system for a nonprofit Regional Maine Head Start corporation.
  • github | live site

Birthday Plaid

  • Built with a state of-the-art PLAIDgorithm, this JavaScript site generates exactly the right plaid for YOUR birthday using CSS grid.
  • github | live site

writing samples

January 2018
Intro to JavaScript and Web Development - slide deck

December 2017
JS Questions: What is Express?

October 2017
JS Questions: How are JSON Web Tokens Used?

September 2017
JS Questions: What's the Event Loop?

August 2017
JS Questions: What is Webpack?